Benefits for Authors

Minimum processing times from submission to publication

Least possible processing times for publication are a paramount requirement of todays research world. At Neoplasia Research we work promptly yet efficiently to minimize this time period so that the authors may present their work quickly infront of academic and research audience. Neoplasia Researchs Open Access system enables authors to get their work published rapidly and available to readers all over the world.

Online Manuscript Submission and Tracking System

Neoplasia Research processing facilitates its authors with a state-of-the-art online manuscript submission and processing system. The system provides authors, editors, and publishing staff to go through all steps of manuscript processing online conveniently. Every step is recorded, and articles status can be viewed on a real-time basis. The system is continuously monitored by trained editorial staff and to support the users on an immediate basis they are easily approachable

Minimum Article Processing Charges

Neoplasia Research offers their authors an opportunity to publish their work quickly online at a minimum article Processing Charges. Provided the quality of article is high and minimal revisions are required by the authors, we prevent our valuable authors from waiting in long publishing cues and make every possible effort to publish their work in their desired timeframe. However, all manuscripts are expedited through a peer-review procedure, ensuring the publication of only high-quality publications.

Maximum Readership Ensured

Neoplasia Research possesses a marketing team with high expertise and field experience in promoting science publications, including scholarly journals and eBooks. Building relationships with indexing and archiving websites ensures maximum dispersion of our published literature thereby increasing its visibility.