Open access FAQs

What is 'Open Access' ?

Open access refers to unrestricted access via the Internet to articles published in scholarly journals, book chapters or monographs.

Why authors should make their articles 'Open Access' ?

The main reason authors make their articles openly accessible is to maximize their research impact. A growing number of studies have confirmed that an Open Access article is more likely to be used and cited than one behind subscription barriers. Open access helps researchers and readers to approach the articles published this way without payment barriers; thus increasing the number of readers from every corner of the world. When compared with subscription based publications, Open access is more likely to be mutually beneficial for both authors and readers; by increasing the chances of citation of articles and helping the readers to get access to the most recent advances in their fields of interest.

Why do Open Access articles have article-processing charges?

Even with Open Access Publication Model, publishing of research content is not possible without incurring production expenses. At Neoplasia Research,the authors are supposed to pay article processing charges because readers are not charged for viewing the articles, but the availability of the published research content with immediate, barrier-free and world-wide open access benefits the author by getting global attention of readers and researchers.

The article processing charges pay for:

  • immediate world-wide unrestricted open access to the full text.
  • production costs involved in editorial management and use of electronic tools for peer review and publication.
  • marketing and promotion activities to increase citations .
  • maintaining inclusion in indexing agencies to ensure electronic citations in other journals.

Is it possible to get a fee waiver/discount on the open access charges if the author is not able to pay?

Neoplasia Research do consider fee waiver requests on a case to case basis. An internal editorial approval is achieved by analyzing each such case separately. As per policy and editorial recommendations, authors may be able to get a discount / waiver on article processing charges.