Sister Mary Joseph Nodule (SMJN) – A Review


  • Sajad Ahmad Salati Unaizah College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Qassim University, Unaizah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Lamees Sulaiman Alsulaim Unaizah College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Qassim University, Unaizah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Sister Mary Joseph’s Nodule (SMJN), Umbilical metastasis, Cutaneous metastasis, Abdominopelvic cancer, Eponymous sign


Sister Mary Joseph Nodule is an eponymous term referring to an umbilical nodule harbouring malignant metastatic cancer. It is a physical finding that is uncommon yet significant since it indicates the late manifestation of a variety of deep-seated abdominopelvic malignancies. This review article briefly revisits the historical background, epidemiology, anatomical routes of metastasis, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, diagnostic work-up, clinical significance and prognosis of Sister Mary Joseph’s nodule.


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